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Rapid, accurate communication is one of the most critical concerns of an emergency medical transportation provider. At Trinity we believe in the power of technology and are invested heavily in the most advanced communications equipment and systems.

Dispatch Software
Our Command Center is supported by ProQA software, which is relied on by over 2,000 call centers worldwide. This allows standardized and measurable emergency call taking and the ability to assist callers with CPR, childbirth, medication and more. We also utilize Zolls Dispatch Pro, an advanced system that automatically collects and tracks data from past calls, monitors traffic patterns and can reroute vehicles if necessary. All of this means our vehicles will arrive on the scene faster than anyone else.

Learn more about our state-of-the-art Command Center.

Toughbook Tablet Computers
More than your average laptop, these computers allow Trinity to maintain a wireless connection to each vehicle. Toughbook Tablets supply each ambulance with real-time directions, patient information and call updates.

Equipped with a complete patient database, crews can input data directly, which saves time
and eliminates human error. All information is housed in a secure database, ensuring Trinity's compliance with HIPPA policies for patient confidentiality.

Seamless Billing
Also, Trinity was one of the first to adopt the RightCad-Sanitas integrated dispatch and
billing system. This system insures that patients are accurately billed and never asked
to repeat their information.

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